The train station of Liège-Guillemins is one of the most important stations in Belgium. As rapid trains to Paris and London stop here it’s a major hub for public transport in Europe. With the beginning of rapid trains in Europe the capacity of the existing run down station in Liège was not sufficient any more. Planning for the new station started in 1996; the inauguration took place in 2009 and the result was stunning: “10,000 tonnes of steel were used for the 200-metre-long arch, which swings up and down and is reminiscent of a ski jump, at the station roof, which rises up to 40 m above the modernised track bed. The building has no external façade in the conventional sense; instead, the transition from inside to outside is seamless.” (Wikipedia)

Liège-Guillemins was designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava and I love it! Whenever you happen to pass though Liège just stop for an hour or better a day and enjoy the architecture of the station.