Busy Bees and other

The weather forecast promised a grey autumn day with some rain, but it turned out to be quite sunny with some clouds. I took out my macro camera lense and went into the garden to take some photos of those colourful blooming asters. First I noticed a sloe bug and a spider hiding in a flower, and then some bees coming and going. So I chose a flower with a nice background and a perfect angle. I set exposure time and aperture manually and waited. This flower was absolutely of no interest for the bees! I changed my tactics. I looked were the bees went and tried to find a good angle. When I finally found one, a bee came by but at the same moment a slight breeze went through. Everybody who ever tried to take close-up photos knows that a soft breeze is like a storm in that focus. But it was just for a minute and afterwards it was windless again. Next try. The sun hid behind a cloud which made photographing easier. Just when a bee was busy almost raping the flower the sun came through and my photo was completely overexposed. Again I had to change my tactic. I set the ISO and the exposure time (the bees did not sit still for half a second) and let the camera do the aperture. This is the outcome – however, not showing the aprox. 300 blurred photos.